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ERP and Electronic Payment Solutions

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Electronic Payment Payable and Receivable Solutions

Electronic Payment & Prepaid Networks,
Compliance, and Point of Sale Solutions

Ross ERP Customizations

Upgrade your enterprise's software to run more efficiently. Gain a competitive advantage by elevating ease of use, and maximizing productivity levels from staff. Other benefits of our customization services include reducing redundant and unnecessary data entry, and the option to add new features not available out of the box.

Ross ERP Interfacing

When you want to interface other internal or external software into a seamlessly integrated solution with Ross ERP™ and eliminate the need for manual interfaces, our services offer the perfect solution. We work on interfaces such as:

» Bank Financial Systems » External Procurement & Pcard Systems
»  Billing Systems » Travel & Entertainment Systems
» Inventory Systems » Financial Consolidation Systems

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Ross ERP Extensions

When you work our staff at SVW Consulting, Ltd., you can easily add additional applications, such as ACH Payments, Purchasing Cards, ePayments Capital Projects, Budgeting, Lockbox automation, and many other features not available out of the box.

Additional Services

Get more out of your partnership with us. As a part of our Ross customizations, interfacing, and extension services, we include:

» Business Process Review » Analysis and Specification
» Coding and Testing » Training and Implementation
» Documentation » Ongoing Support

Electronic Payment Solutions – Payables

» ACH » Purchasing Cards
» Intl Wire/ SWIFT » ePayments
» iSO » EDI

Electronic Payment Solutions – Receivables

» ACH collection & returns » Bill Presentment
» Lockbox Processing » Auto Recurring Collection
» Check Conversion » EDI

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Electronic Payments - Bill Payment & Prepaid Processing Networks

•  Online Banking
•  Walk In
•  Kiosks
• Metavante

Electronic Payments – Compliance

» AML – Anti Money Laundering »  PCI DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
» KYC – Know Your Customer »  GLBA - Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Electronic Payments – Point of Sale

» Online Portal Software Solutions » Check 21 POS Check Conversion
» POS Terminal Software Solutions » Prepaid Products Solutions
» Processor API Software Integration » Merchant Services Solutions