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Frank Ruiz
New Orleans 

IT Manager

We did Ross ERP Customizations, Interfacing, and Capital Projects

We used Add-On Services - Analysis and Specification, Coding, Testing, Documentation, Training, Implementation, and Ongoing Support

I have worked with Steve for 20+ years. He is very thorough and detail-oriented. He has customized our financial systems. He really understands how our processes and systems operate. He consistently delivers projects on time and on

What I liked most about this service is the fact that he takes to time to fully understand what needs to be done and then formulates the best solution to solve the problem.

David Filiatrault

Softgate Systems


We used Add-On Services - Full Software Development Life Cycle, implementation, traning, maintenance, and support

We used Consulting for Electronic Payable Solutions, Electronic Receivable Solutions, Bill Payment Processing Networks, Compliance
and Point of Sales Solutions

Steve has a wealth of knowledge in the Bill Payment, ERP, CRM, and Accounting areas that he uses to enthusiastically advocate for improvements to help client businesses. He takes the time to produce detailed documents for his proposals, specifications, design, and implementations. He adapts well to new methodologies and tools. He is able to draw of his vast experience to avoid pitfalls that others may not anticipate.

What I like most about the service was how Steve worked as a key team player, subject matter expert, and multi-tasker in all that we threw at him at a rapid fire pace.

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